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Tabex offers a set of computer vision rest apis including the well known Tabex ocr rest api. Our  online OCR services can give developers a hint on the type of features and quality of performances for the Tabex OCR Rest API.  Tabex OCR technology is particularly adapt for those who are in need for both batch processing and high precision. If you cannot afford errors in your application and have little resources to check the quality of the output, the Tabex ocr rest api is the solution of choice. The OCR  technology is designed around use cases in which the user has little or no control on the environment or input file. Tabex is a dependable OCR web services for a variety of applications.

Particularly situations in which the original input is tilt or rotated or degraded in some ways. In these situations the quality of the input cannot be controlled or evaluated carefully in batch pre-processing. Tabex OCR API is equipped with computer vision pre-processing algorithms that smooth the impact of such imperfections in the original input. The Tabex OCR engine saves time in organizing and executing complex crowd-sourcing pre-processing of your file streams and gives developers the flexibility to both work in batch or select specific areas of an image on which applying the Tabec OCR technology.

Some of the Tabex OCR Rest API Features can be listed as:

Proprietary fault tolerant character analysis technology that can identify characters in low quality images.

Leverages  computer vision proprietary algorithms that identifies and digitize images with distorted, connected, and degraded characters.

Leverages a variety of dictionaries including all European languages and most of Asian languages.

Can read bar codes such as : EAN-13/UPC-A, UPC-E, EAN-8, Code 128, Code 39, Interleaved 2 of 5, and QR Code.

Provides fast and accurate batch processing through highly paralyzed approach .

Provide support for common image formats such as  BMP, JPEG, PNG, TIFF,  GIF and several others.

Offers several types of outputs format including  PDF, PDF/A, RTF, XML, TXT and JSON

Developers can use our pdf api information section to learn about examples and other applications that have used the the Tabex OCR REST API.   Specific examples can be located for the  java application  or node js application , a variety of other suggestions are available on the page.

Contact us to discuss  on premise api applications or special situations requiring GPU and other parallelized architectures for your specific case. You can start coding your web, desktop or mobile application with our RESTful API right now at the Tabex  Developers API document center.

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