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Tabex is a pdf to excel converter online  that allows data capture by selectively extract pdf to excel. Most PDF to excel converters will take the document and convert it to excel in a single instance.

However, suppose you need to extract the bill’s number, date and amount from a bill you have received. Tabex  is equipped with an interactive user interface that enables you to select and modify individual cells within a PDF or a scanned document. This tool allows you to extract only certain cells from pdf to excel. As a result you can use Tabex  as a powerful data capture tool that selectively extract pdf to excel.

Tabex can also aggregate data from different original pdf documents. Its tools allow you not only to extract pdf to excel selectively but also to re-aggregate data in a format that is useful for your excel modeling and analysis. Tabex indeed acts as a business intelligence tool for PDF and gives you the ability to slice the information contained in multiple pdf files as if you were to consider them stacked into one single data pile.

PDF documents contain a variety of data that you maybe interested to leverage. This include text, tabular data, PDF tables, images and charts.

All these data may have relevance in the context of your work as condensed in an ensemble that is currently not available in the individual documents. Tabex helps you to extract actual data from these variety of documents and pdf tables.




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