Data Collection Policy: data collected on this website concern access to service and are provided in an anonymized way from third parties analytics services such as Google Analytics and similar services.  Documents converted in this website are analyzed by machines to improve and further develop algorithms that recognize items within the documents.  A statistical sample of the data may occasionally been seen by data scientists and researchers within the company with the sole scope to improve quality of our algorithms to better serve our users.


Personal Data: Users on this website may be asked to login on to some of the most common social medias. For example, they can log with Google email.  Data collected therein are shown in each of the socials media login pop ups and the user must explicitly consent to the personal data acquisition. Data are store on data storage on AWS (Amazon Web Services) and are not shared with third parties. Data are protected with password access to the servers. This includes the email address and name and last name from Google email and Facebook. Emails and name are stored and used to attribute credits to the user. The email, name and last name of Google and Facebook users are not shared with third parties.


Updates: major policy changes will both be emailed to registered users and displayed on this website

Redress: contact if you have concerns or suggestions.

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