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As we have discussed in our previous article on the importance of scraping data and mining information from pdf  the overall amount of web published documents in PDF has kept increasing over the last decade. The PDF format represents still the overwhelming majority of web-published documents to date.  As a result, when you are looking at extracting data from pdf documents, web scraping and the ability to collect data from the pdf file published online are important to analysts. In fact, the availability of this utility function reduces time in locating and downloading pdf files from the web to some form of storage.

Additionally, the ability to leverage a PDF web scraping to extract tabular data from pdf files to xml or from pdf to a csv file it is particularly convenient when the user has selected already multiple pdf web publications from which mining data. In this article, we describe how Tabex pdf web scraping tool can be used in Tabex pdf converter and pdf extractor online.

The user landing on Tabex web site is offered the UX reported just below. It is important for the user to activate the pdf web scraping tool by clicking on the icon indicated with the number 3 in the picture below. Once this operation is carried out, the user interface will offer a slot on which to copy and paste the pdf file URL from you want to scrape data. Once you are done click on the “proceed” button indicated with the number 3. If you change your mind and want upload a file from a storage source click the icon indicated with the number 2 instead.



As you click on the “proceed” button ( indicated with a “1”)  will have access to the file uploaded section. In this section you can opt to actually scrape the data from the pdf and extract them from pdf to xml, pdf to excel, pdf to csv or pdf to html. If your intend is instead to extract the bear text pies by piece you can also select the option to convert pdf to txt.




The file upload section offers the possibility of add additional files. This is what we refer to as concurrent multi file upload, a topic we discussed previously in our blog.  The very same option to upload additional file is offered also while using the Tabex pdf web scraping tool. as shown in the picture above this line. All you need to do is to copy and paste the next web published pdf file link and click on “proceed”. The file will be added to the list of file being processed.


Once the users select the format to extract the pdf webpages to;  you will be presented with the preview section. The preview section is shared from both the pdf web scraping tool and the standard file upload utility. In this section, you (the user) can inspect the file converter and decide whether to keep the file in the batch or dismiss one or more specific files from the batch you are converting and downloading. The latter allows you to save on credits in case you won’t download all the files you converted.
















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