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PDF document analysis is becoming increasingly relevant with the proliferation of thePDF format in web and cloud stored documents. The need for automated and semi automated document analysis arises in several industries for a variety of reasons that we will discuss in this paper.

The PDF format was originally developed to allow the publications of documents across different platforms including emails and the web. However, with the Growth of cloud storage and mobile pdf documents have become ubiquitous in both consumers storage systems and the enterprise world.

In Enterprise PDF documents often are saved in several departments and several cloud resources. Often the content of this document is difficult to identify without remembering what was inside the documents or if the document title is not descriptive of all elements of the document itself.

This fact is particular relevant when people are looking for data and numerical information contained in pdf tables and images within the pdf file. This is the situation in which and intelligent, partially automated  pdf document analysis in on demand.


PDF Document analysis for legal Industry

The need for pdf document analysis is particular relevant when addressing primary source analysis for legal documents. Primary source analysis is technique to analyse possible evidence in legal disputes. Among the various disputes in the legal field, forensic accounting is focused in identifying frauds in the accounting and financial report. In these fields often it is requested to identify numerical evidences that certain data differ in part on in total form digital reported data.

This is a situation where the ability to parse PDF and OCR scanned documents with the purpose of automated the document analysis is paramount. Examples of applications of automated document analysis to forensic account include the identification of payments in documents such as checks, paystubs and invoices. Also it includes the analysis of the actual receival of shipped goods. The latter is typically accomplished  through the analysis  freight bill of lading. Often these operations are carried manually or semi manually and the analyst need a pdf analyzer to be able to complete their investigations.  


PDF Document analysis for the financial  Industry


The financial analysis of a company accounting reports and financial statements is another area where pdf document analysis is on demand. In the financial industry the result of analysis is presented in the form of financial analysis reports. Financial analysis reports as well as financial statements reports are usually published as PDF documents on the web. Manually identify, download and analyse these tools is time consuming and articulated. Particularly information in financial statements reports as well as in financial analysis reports is often distributed in a variety of bordered pdf tables, borderless pdf tables and several charts. Analysts have to identify the documents, the charts and tables within them and then extract manually the portions that are useful for them to produce financial reports.
The challenge in financial analysis of a company is that there is a high degree of cognitive work involved in the process. Identifying the right tables and the right charts to extract is a human driven process complex and articulated to automate.

Steps towards automated pdf document analysis.

In the two examples we cited before, the need for financial analysis tools and for forensic accounting automated tools is evident. A PDF document analyzer also known as pdf anlyzer is an automated tool that substitute in part or completely the cognitive work of an human being to carry the analysis of a pdf file. PDF analysis tools are composed of a few elements. The first component is a PDF parser, a software component that is able to parse a pdf file and translate the various elements into a list of items ready for further analysis.

The other steps in the analysis of a PDF file include the analysis of document layout. This is a cognitive operation that can be accomplished only by certain algorithms and software. For example to identify and extract data from bordered and borderless tabular components the pdf analyzer should be able to cognitively find the tables within the pdf document. This is a function that the Tabex pdf document layout algorithm is able to do within milliseconds for thousands of documents. Additionally the automated analysis of pdf documents includes the extraction of data once the objects have been recognized. The recognized objects are typically tables, images, charts and data within the text. Once these objects are identified and extracted, each individual object is than analyzed by a specific algorithm. Particularly we mention algorithms to extract Tables, to extract images from PDF files and to digitize charts into actual tables of data.


Tabex Contributions to PDF Document Analysis

Tabex is a suit of pdf analysis tools that enables both individual and developers to automate the document analysis process. Tabex posses a powerful and precise pdf parser that can be leveraged to scrape the pdf documents. The parser is available for developers as a specific API call and can be used within various processes of document analysis. Individual users can leverage Tabex web scraper tool to ingest pdf files and parse them into TXT or XML files.

Tabex pdf analyzer is also able to identify borderless and bordered pdf tables automatically and export them to a variety of format including pdf to excel, pdf to xml , pdf to CSV and pdf to html. This has a direct application for the  financial analysis of a company, the analysis of bill of lading, pay stubs and invoices.

Tabex API version, in addition to feature the same document analysis capabilities can also be used to allow users identifying tables interactively with a proper user interface.

Finally Tabex has an in built facility to identify and extract images within pdf files. Images containing charts and graphs can further be analyzed with Tabex advanced algorithms.  

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