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While Excel has been the undisputed winner in the market of spreadsheet software for Windows environment, it faces an emerging competition when it comes to MAC OSX environment. Excel has the drawback that requires a well trained user to fully exploit its potential and also the MAC OSX version is different from the Windows version. This has paved the way to alternatives:

Numbers is Apple’s entry into the spreadsheet software market and it’s not bad. Number has always favored its stylish graphs over its feature set, but it is pretty sounded on the feature set too. It’s a very viable spreadsheet application  and is a good option if  not used for work in Finance or other Excel intense work applications.

Calc is another spreadsheet application that  handles everything  from equations to graphs. It’s capable of handling the Excel document format as well.

Mesa and Tables are both simple spreadsheet apps. These are two very useful spreadsheet apps.

With the emerging of these different spreadsheet applications for MAC developers are increasingly searching for APIS and SDKs packages that can help add new features to these applications. In other words there is an emerging need for PDF API for MAC OSX Applications.

A special case is trying to connect the vastly dominating PDF document format with these specialized applications for MAC. Applications range from importing graphs and data to Number from PDF files in your database or published as web pages on the internet.

Tabex PDF API contains powerful pdf libaries that allow developers to extract bordered and border-less PDF tables to a variety of formats including PDF to XML and others such as Excel, CSV, HTML ect. This is pretty  attractive set of functions to extract tables from PDF  and edit them in Mac Number or one among Calc or the other spreadsheet MAC OSX applications.

Additionally Tabex PDF API for MAC OSX Applications helps developers to build interactive application whereby the user can select the PDF areas from which capture data and tabular structures and import them to Number or Others.



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