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Computer Hackers …Wanted….!

Desired Skills and Experience

  1. Position one: Preferred C++ and Java , ability to use Machine learning APis and SDKs, Familiarity with AWS environment, proficiency with developing REST API
  2. Position two: Preferred JAVA and Phyton, ability to leverage external machine learning algorithms and develop big data process flow. Proficiency with Amazon S3 storage, Elastic search. Proficiency with developing REST API. Interest/ability to use software to mine data from current user base.
  3. All positions: basic skills in JS, PHP and HTML to edit front end applications with the scope to test APIs improvements and A/B testing on new user experience. In certain integrations with third parties APIs nodeJS could be a faster and lighter approach to third party integration for non performance critical tasks.

Candidate Interests

  • Strong interest in developing new advanced technologies in a start up environment
  • Strong interest to own the development of technologies , sense of ownership and urge to innovate.
  • Strong interest in the learning experience and financial upside of working in a early stage start up.

Preferred Experience:  

  • Experience with designing and developing Cloud applications, particularly on AWS environment. SAAS experience is a plus. Experience with scaling cloud services.
  • Experience with designing, implementing and growth REST API services for both front end applications and for developers.
  • Strong interest in machine learning and artificial intelligence. Previous experience with computer vision or interest in computer vision strongly valued.

Talent and Aptitude:

  • High degree of intellectual curiosity, proven ability to solve highly complex problems.
  • Ability to design and quickly write bug free and robust code.
  • Writing high performance, fault tolerant code quickly
  • Passion for innovation, prone to take challenges and risks, high interest for start ups.
  • Could be a recent graduate or student that has already developed practical applications.

Nice to have Skills:

  • designing Optical character recognition software
  • Previous experience with Crawling and Search engine applications
  • Previous experience with big data or automated decision making cloud services
  • Previous experience with computer vision applications


  • Base Salary
  • Yearly performance bonus up to 30% of the base
  • Equity Compensation 1-5%  depending on skills and impact

A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.  

Albert Einstein