Tabex is the invoice capture of choice. It captures  data  from commercial invoice template, invoice PDF, e-invoice and other commercial invoices. Insert the PDF output of any invoice software and convert your invoice pdf to excel.

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Tabex  ideal to convert PDF table to Excel and Invoices to Excel

Thousands of users and companies use Tabex for invoice management, invoice capture and convert pdf to excel in batches. Either you receive invoices from quickbooks invoice manager, Fresh Books or other electronic billing invoice systems, you now have a way to capture  data from individual invoices or batches without any typing. Invoice capture in Tabex is accurate, interactive and is coupled with a precise pdf to excel converter.

Tabex unique interactive user interface allows to capture numerical and unstructured textual data from invoices and create excel spreadsheets or XML to further your account payable process.

Tabex is also an unique data aggregation. Tabex  invoice capture software is equipped with a spreadsheet template builder that allows the user to define an invoice capture or data capture pattern to apply to hundreds or thousand documents per minute.

Tabex is the only invoice capture and pdf to excel converter that is equipped with a screen capture tool. The screen capture and screen scraping tool allows the user to uniquely select portions of an invoice from screen and copy to excel.

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There is More to Learn About Tabex

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