Factura Electronica in XML, How to Extract XML files from invoices

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Companies operating in Mexico or doing business with Mexico (and other Latin America Countries) will need to convert their invoices to XML files as the SAT ( The Mexican Tax Authority) requires companies to convert pdf invoices to XML, store the XML for 5 years and deliver the XML to their customers along with the PDF rendering of the invoice.

In more details companies a solution provider capable of mapping your proprietary invoices into XML v3.2 defined by Anexo 20 of the Mexican tax code Miscelania Fiscal and Validates the XML syntax obtain the “Timbre Fiscal” or government seal.

For the buyer the law states that when the buyer receives the XML invoice, that the XML is authentic and registered with the SAT and then archive this XML for 5 years as it will be the fundamental document if there is an audit.

Tabex offers pdf to XML conversion particularly focused at forms, pdf tables and bordered and border-less pdf tables such those you find in invoices ( factura electronica). Tabex cloud platform can handle large pdf files and invoices of multiple pages and structure complexity.

Tabex algorithm is designed to identify table structures in invoices ( factura electronica) as well as in documents where tables are embedded into text. Tabex can also identify complex tabular formats and extract the data in to XML format.

Tabex uses a high performing algorithm for pdf to xml and pdf conversion is general. This allows the user to insert multiple invoices ( factura electronica) at one single time and have the ability to process the invoices concurrently.

Tabex is equipped with an OCR as well so the factura electronica that comes from emails, fax or printed pdf can be digitized via tabex OCR.

To stay compliant with requirements for XML factura electronica, Mexican invoice system and other Latin american Invoicing legal requirements you can use Tabex powerful and handy cloud pdf data converter and pdf table extractor.

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