Concurrent File Processing in PDF Conversion

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PDF conversion is used in a broad range of office situations and productivity applications. The PDF format is ideal to protect documents from manipulation and publish documents in a variety of contexts.

When PDF was invented, the HTML layout capabilities were not that sophisticated and printing was unpredictable. Conversely, it was very easy to create a PDF file and post it to the web or send it as an email attachment and the document would look on screen and in print exactly as the author intended.

PDF files are as easy to create today and you don’t need to know anything about the specifics of PDF to publish information even if you are not a webguru.

Also  PDF files can reflow to make reading on a mobile device or computer screen easier. And finally PDF is the easiest way to send paginated and formatted documents via email without having the recipient being able to modify the original document sent.

Nevertheless the PDF format is quite different from other formats used to exchange data such as excel, XML and CSV. Not surprisingly the readers of pdf files may need to incorporate the pdf file content within their document process flow.

PDF became a standard because it was  difficult to edit or modify. It’s still very difficult to send a document from one person to another with any degree of reliability using anything other than PDF or an image, which isn’t searchable. PDF has always been very easy to create. Now that  PDF is a standard and PDF files are used frequently to exchange documents, people need to be able to work with them, extract information, search them etc.

This need is at the very basis of the proliferation of online solutions for pdf conversion. The PDF converter online is typically a cloud computing solution that allows users to upload pdf files and have their content translated into one of their workflow formats.

For many users the advantage of converting pdf files online is in the easy of use, variety of solutions and some time in the availability of free solutions for pdf conversions.

Nevertheless most of these free solutions came at the expense of some kind of limitation and become progressively more of a time consuming activity for the interested user.

This is particularly true when the use intent is to extract data from bordered and borderless tables contained in PDF documents. This is an operation that users perform to incorporate data in their work flow or display data on the web. Typically user want to extract pdf data from pdf to xml, pdf to .csv or pdf to excel.

When this is the case , for example for invoices and other accounting documents it happens to have multiple pdf files. For the user it is extremely time consuming to upload a file at the time and wait until the data extraction and pdf conversion are completed.

In this case it is much more effective if the cloud pdf converter can extract data concurrently from multiple files uploaded by the user. Multiple files upload is a powerful productivity enhancement for those who have a variety of documents to process concurrently.

In this respect Tabex offers a new user interface that allows for the concurrent upload of pdf files for pdf conversion and pdf table data capture. User can than export the data captured concurrently to various formats such as pdf to excel, pdf to csv, pdf to xml and pdf to html.


Tabex offers 3 options for multiple file upload, you can use drag and drop, select multiple files from folders or also import files from an url address.


The picture below clarifies the process: 


Multiple Files upload Multiple_upload2 Multiple_upload3

The User can actually select multiple files and they can all be uploaded as shown in the picture below:

Multiple-files-upload-content displayed

Once the user has already uploaded several files, he can add also files from URLs and can easily convert all the files uploaded in one single batch, this following picture shows how:

Multiple file upload from URL pdf conversion

Tabex uses multiple files uploads user interface and concurrent pdf conversion for a variety of services and this include :

  1. PDF to XLS
  2. PDF to XLSX
  3. PDF to XML
  4. PDF to CSV
  5. PDF to HTML
  6. PDF to TXT
  7. PDF to JPG
  8. PDF to PNG
  9. PDF to TIFF


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